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Settling for the Right Painting Contractor for Your Project

Arriving at a suitable painting contractor for your premise can be challenging. As a client, you want the best service that charges a reasonable fee. In most cases, the cheapest service estimate turns out to be of poor value. A failure to grasp the intricate details of what the service entails, you may be misled by the price.

Here is a guide on how to get the top painting contractors in NYC – Manhattan:

Get It Done on Time

wall paintIn the house painting industry, time is of the essence. Usually, the estimate directly relates to the time required for the job to be completed. The more expensive the estimate is, the more time and entail goes into the process. Alternatively, a cheap estimate will translate into low quality work and gets the job done hastily.

Not all contractors have the same definition of what qualifies as a professional paint job. Some painting companies run on the premise of high-quality service. A breakdown of most quotations reveal masking, covering, surface preparation, application of the paints, and the use of premium quality paint.

As for the companies that stress on delivering economy to their clients, they are forced to adopt time-saving methods. Paint preparation is one of the methods they employ as it saves greatly on time. Accompanying this is the use of cheap grad paints to cut on costs.

Painting is a skillful art that should not be rushed with cost-cutting in mind. The painting companies that employ professional painters and run efficiently will produce better results than the poorly run services with high worker turnover rates.

Before interviewing a painting contractor, factor in your current budget and what you expect as the outcome. With that in mind, look for a contractor that meets those conditions. A very cheap service might not deliver  quality while a very high-quality paint job might result in overhead spending.

How to Find a Paint Contractor

The best way of getting the right paint contractors is through referral processes. Co-workers, friends, and family members are the best places to get the right ideas from. You can also get in touch with respectable general contractors working around. You can get referrals from contractor associations and networks. Most of these organizations have operation licenses and are insured. However, such referral networks do not have personal relationships with their members so you will not get much help on the quality of work.

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Your Selection Process

Get as many as three estimates and pin-point specifics of your project. Give them your concerns and expectations. This should include any issue that might affect the price.

Never shy away to ask the contractor basic questions on their work. For instance, how long they have been in business? Do their workers have workers’ compensation or insurance liability cover? Is their work subcontracted? What type of projects have they managed before? And so on.


To get the a company that offers the best fit, go for those that are focused on a given niche. All you have to do is ask the painting contractor what their specialty is.…