A generator is an essential machine which is mainly used when there is a power outage. Some of the main causes of power outage include rationing and adverse weather elements such as heavy storms. It is also used in those areas that don’t have access to power lines. The power outage can lead to a range of difficulties even if it occurs for a short period.

The modern machines are efficient at converting fuel to electrical power. Diesel, propane or petrol power most of them. There are three types of generators that include portable, standby and inverter. The following are the main reasons why you need to have a fixed or portable generator.

Medical Equipment

medical equipment-microscope

The medical equipment used at home should have a constant supply of power. The oxygen machine is one of the typical pieces of hardware that should be connected to a constant power supply. These pieces of equipment can be powered easily by portable generators whenever there is a power outage. The other piece of equipment that needs to be considered is an air conditioner. It is mainly used by individuals who have breathing problems or by the old people.

Sump Pumps

You should make sure that the sump pumps are always running to minimize issues related to floods. This is done by installing a backup generator to ensure that the pump is running or operating even when there is a heavy downpour.

Business Environment

Generators are installed in business environments to prevent short-term power outage. Many businesses have benefited from them. Small businesses such as a family restaurant, rural market, and butcher shop, can be operated even when there is a power outage thereby, preventing the loss of time and money. Individuals who cannot afford automatic generators should invest in compact equipment to make sure that their businesses are not affected whenever there is no power.


power drill

Most of the tools used by contractors require power for them to operate. Contractors who are working on new building sites should invest in portable generators. Some of the main tools that need power include angle grinders, air compressors, saws, drills.

Outdoor Activities

They are one of the useful electrical units used for recreational and camping activities. Individuals who are camping in remote areas or wilderness can use this equipment to power their home luxuries. For instance, they can use it to power their refrigerators or coffee makers in the morning. They are also useful for park and backyard based activities.